Sunday, January 29, 2012

Rho-Oph: Dreaming of Summer

While we are in the midst of winter one cannot help but drift ahead of time to a warmer clime. It is true that Scorpius is emerging from its date with Sol and soon will be filling the early morning southern sky. Dreams of Rho-Oph will soon be fullfilled.

Taken last June during a rare window of opportunity of good weather, but during the work week, so little sleep was afforded. It was worth it of course.

The film, Fuji Acros 100 is a stellar performer for capturing the faint blue reflection nebulae in this region, especially IC4592! On top of that the contrasting dark nebulae (Thank you Mr. Barnard ! ) leap from the frame. The lack of thick star clouds in the upper right is because this is where the central hub of our galaxy tapers off.

I hope to be haunted again this summer by the spirit of E.E. Barnard, shooting this region again as he had done over a hundred years ago, with film and a portrait lens.


  1. I cannot wait till may. I am going to totally tackle that region with large format clarity.

    1. I'll be waiting for those results Christopher. Keep in mind you will perhaps be the only one in the world doing this with LF film!

  2. Christopher BarryMay 12, 2012 at 1:57 AM

    One last question. what exposure time / fstop / push processing did you use for this ?