Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Denizens of Orion on Kodak Gold 200

A follow up image to my original test of Kodak Gold 200 last year. This two panel mosaic includes the heart of Orion, the majestic Messier 42, The Great Orion Nebula. The color response of Kodak Gold 200 over the required 30 minute exposure is about as good as any other print film when exposing brighter astronomical objects.

Via Flickr:
This image was taken in early January 2011 near the beginning of a roll of Kodak Gold 200. Such as film photography is, the roll was recently completed and processed.

Two frames (vertically oriented) were exposed and combined in Autostitch. Flat fielding was done with PixInsight using DBE (Dynamic Background Extraction). Curves and levels were adjusted in Photoshop.

Pentax Spotmatic II 300mm f/4 SMC Takumar @ f/4 30 minutes exposure.

High clouds bloated the bright stars.

Highest resolution here: