Saturday, April 21, 2018

Less Photography More Observing

Recently, I have acquired a binocular telescope to sweep the stellar vistas I have spent so much time photographing.  The evolution from visual work to astrophotography and then back to visual astronomy is a natural one.  The cyclops view an unnatural one.  We have two eyes, we should use them both!

Me and my Orion Giantview BT-100 binocular telescope

Under the dark skies of eastern Maine, binocular views are wonderful in the least and soul shaking at their best.  The wide-field and brilliant views provided for in binoculars put much astrophotography to shame.  It is an entirely different experience, albeit a personal one.  My concentration on the visual sky happens to be marked by my turning the half-century mark.  It also satisfied my spiritual longings to witness what few have and to perhaps write about these experiences.  Perhaps words can be as descriptive as images.  

The cameras sit quietly while the mind and eyes rush forward.  First light for any new instrument is usually a memorable one.  I'll be sure to capture the moments as they happen.  Sleepy drives to the office on Monday are almost a certain guaranty.  Sleepy, but with a smile.