Sunday, May 15, 2011

Film Test: Fujicolor Superia 200

Here comes another film test. Fujicolor Superia 200. Together with Kodak's Gold 100 and 200, Fujifilm's Superia line prove to be useful for astrophotography.

Two photographs of the Milky Way taken sequentially. The first (left) is a 5 minute exposure at f/2, the second (right) is a 15 minute exposure at f/2.8 using a 50mm lens. Both frames are shown here as one continuous scan to show actual changes resulting from exposure. Sky glow was reached in 15 minutes @ f/2.8

This film has potential. It falls within the range of many modern ISO 100 and 200 films which have good reciprocity characteristics and color stability in long exposures.

Conditions were good, but Scorpius had not reached the meridian at the time of exposure. I had to work the next morning and needed to get the test done with!

SQM: 21.56, Temp: 44 degrees F.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kodak Gold 100 Test: Star Trails

Kodak Gold 100 Test: Star Trail 1 by Nightfly Photography
Startrail image started in twilight, looking west-nw.  The center of the frame show the stars of northern Orion.  Tripod mounted Pentax Spotmatic II with 50mm f/1.4 SMC Takumar stopped down to f/4.8 60 minutes exposure on Kodak Gold 100 film.

In April I decided to test Kodak Gold 100 for astrophotography. With no opportunity for guided wide-field imaging, I decided to do a few star trails.  I was pleased with the outcome.  Gold 100 recorded some pretty faint star trails.  Color balance during the exposure was very good as well.  The film was processed at a local drug store and did a poor job on the prints.  These are scans of the original negatives, processed in C-41.

Kodak Gold 100 is not available at the corner drug store, but can be found as an imported film at major photography outlets.  It is not expensive.  I paid less than three dollars for a 24 exposure roll.

Kodak Gold 100 Test: Star Trail 2 by Nightfly Photography
Startrails under dark skies.  Looking East.  Tripod mounted Pentax Spotmatic II with 35mm f/3.5 SMC Takumar @ f/5.6 60 minutes exposure on Kodak Gold 100 film.