Monday, August 30, 2010

Film Test: Fujicolor Superia 100 - CN

Fujifilm discontinued Fujicolor 100 CN last year and replaced it with Superia Reala 100 CS.  Because of the advent of digital cameras this film went relatively unnoticed.

In July, I loaded my Pentax 67 with one of ten rolls I purchased on an online auction and took a few shots of the summer star clouds in Scutum and Sagittarius.  Each is a 30 minute exposure with the 165 lens opened wide.

I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the negatives.  About half-way through scanning this roll, my Epson 4490 died on me.  These two frames were the last on the roll.  After some research online, I decided on an Epson V600 to replace my aging flatbed.  It is marginally better than the 4490 and my workflow has not changed much.

Wide open the Pentax 165mm lens vignettes in the corners a small amount.  I removed some of the effects in Photoshop.  I scanned, performed basic levels and sharpening.  These are the results.  Click on image specs below each image to see a larger image at flickr.

I am encouraged to work with this film.  The remaining rolls are in the film freezer and should last for years if need be.  Stopping down the lens and exposing longer will improve the results.  That will be the next trial with this film.