Sunday, July 24, 2022

Travelling Moon

The winter was a long one.  The yearning to get out of doors and enjoy some night work was a welcome opportunity.  My mind had been idle and the conditions worked out unexpectedly for an all night shot.

Armed with the Toyo 45AR and the Nikkor 90mm f/4.5 I setup at home in my yard, looking for a composition where the Moon would pass through on its journey through the night.  It would also be some time before the Moon would be entering the selected area, but by using FP4 Plus, this allowed for extended exposure as it has terrible reciprocity characteristics.  A good thing in this case.  The Ilford emulsion was also a good choice to prevent the bright lunar image from burning much beyond its borders.  Halation is most certainly present, but not in an unlikable way.

The 10 day old Moon of May sweeps across the western sky

The waxing Moon of May sweeps across the sky, accompanied by the lesser lights of the spring night.  It is a traditional long exposure image on a single sheet of Ilford FP4 Plus. 

The long windless night provided the opportunity for the five hour long exposure and the resulting photograph.  Because it was a work night I set an alarm to awaken me to end the exposure. Night work is something I've been away from for quite some time.  I'm still not sure whether this will continue or not.  Life is becoming more challenging for me personally.  Hard choices have been made, and continue to be made.

At least on occasion, opportunity avails itself.  Seizing the moment may be the best any of us can do.

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