Saturday, June 10, 2017

The Full Moon of June!

On Friday morning, my friend John Stetson had imaged the setting Moon on the western horizon right before sunrise.  He had lamented that he would not get the shot that evening as weather was expected to be unsettled.  Sure enough the forecast looked bleak, but the onset of clouds in eastern Maine looked like a close call.

After dinner clouds were drifting in, mainly thick cirrus.  This could actually be a benefit to the shot I was hoping to get.  Clouds often add to the composition.  As Moonrise was approaching I grabbed the camera and tripod and headed down to the pond.  I've done this path a thousand times before.  It's my backyard.

The Moon was just coming up when I got into position.  There was plenty of gaps in the clouds and some drifting in and out of the view.  I took a series of images over a twenty minute span and then headed back as the clouds of mosquitoes had me at my wits end!

Moonrise Over Flanders Pond

I think it worked out well.  The Full Moon of June is also known as the Full Strawberry Moon by tradition.  This is also a "micromoon" as our natural satellite is at apogee, far in it's orbit around Earth. 

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