Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Oh to get out of bed in the morning.  It's cold outside.  It's twilight time - dawn upon the new year. Get the Keurig going and try to find some clothes in the dark without waking the spouse.   It's actually not too bad, 20's this morning and no wind.  Nice!  I can see some clouds out the living room window to the southwest drifting east, might be worth a quick trip to the pond after all.  One cup of coffee down, grab the camera bag and out the door.

A week ago the pond was completely open and not one trace of ice, the recent cold snap should have created a nice layer by now.  Flanders Pond is just north of my home and in about five minutes trekking along a camp road we arrive.   There is ice!  It's smooth too!  About an inch or so thick.  I check it with a light step.  No problem.  The sky is brightening and high clouds to the east are illuminating with golden light.  

I reach inside the bag and get the K-5 and compose about a dozen different shots as the sky changes. I'm awestruck!   Within ten minutes, the magic moment arrives.  

Yea this was definitely better than wasting the dawn on my second cup and the news on the tube.

Sunrise Upon The New Year

Happy new year.  May you all get to lose some sleep and be glad you did.


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