Friday, April 20, 2012

Ophiuchus / Scorpius / Libra

On the same morning while waiting for the Antares region to rise and clear the treeline, I decided to capture the region just west of the area. The same setup was used (165mm @ f/4.8 45 minutes exposure) to capture southern Libra. I had planned the sequence the night before. This mosaic is processed somewhat differently from the original post, trying to maintain the advantages of the film medium with subtle detail revealed. Autostitch was used to blend the two frames.

The next outing will try to form a four frame mosaic, which will include the same region represented here, plus two additional frames further east to include the Sagittarius region. Now that would be something wouldn't you say?

Notice how this frame details the Milky Way's central bulge tapering off into space and entering the galactic halo region, home of globular clusters. Can you spot globular cluster NGC-5897 in the right side of this image? Look sharp!

As it is horribly undersampled here, the minimum I recommend is here:

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  1. Spectacular view Jim. I wish you clear skies for this endeavour.