Sunday, June 5, 2011

Flanders Pond Observatory

Flanders Pond ObservatoryFlanders Pond ObservatoryFlanders Pond ObservatorySpotmatic PiggybackedSpotmatic with 300mm Takumar PiggybackedPentax 67 Piggyback Mounted
Meade 2080 Schmidt-CassegrainThe Light Gathering Equipment!Equatorially Driven Cameras

Welcome to a tour of my humble facility.  Located under the dark skies of eastern Maine, it is a paradise for astrophotography.  I continue to use my vintage equipment to capture the beauty of the Milky Way and other interesting objects in the sky. These methods include correcting tracking errors manually using an illuminated reticle eyepiece, just like E.E. Barnard did over a hundred years ago!

Built in 2003 with leftover materials from our house contruction. It resides in my front yard where anytime use is a major conveinience.  It would be impossible for me to persue traditional imaging as a hobby otherwise.

Click on the images above for more details.

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