Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kodak Announces The End of Elite Chrome 200 and E200 Professional

Recently Kodak announced the end of Elite Chrome 200 also known as ED200.  It's professional sibling E200, is going out along with it.  Kodak estimates that current stock levels will last until March 2011.

Because of Kodak's ISO 200 chromes ability to record faint nebulae in long exposures, it became the film of choice for many astrophotographers.  These two films were the last great chrome films that were useful for astrophotography. It seems that Kodak is dumping chrome films as sales have plummeted and most photographers are making the switch to digital cameras.  The economy has perhaps hastened Kodak to improve its bottom line as well.  This is good news for other film companies like Fuji, who stand to gain sales as remaining chrome film shooters move to Fujichrome films as a substitute.

Kodak will likely continue to streamline its film lines with the eventuality of having one or two available emulsions for color negative, color chrome, and black & white.

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